Wild Island Gin

Wild Island Gin review

Wild Island Gin review

Wild Island Botanic Gin is from the Isle of Colonsay off Scotland’s west coast.

A premium priced gin, Wild Island Botanic Gin is from Scotland. It has an ABV of 43.7%.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; heather flowers; bog myrtle

The gin

I (whichgin.com Andy here) have a special affection for Colonsay. As a child, I had a very happy family holiday on the island, even though I remember getting stuck in some mud during a walk. How my family laughed. I’ve never forgiven them. I was six. Fast forward 40ish years, and I’m now drinking gin that uses botanicals from the island. There’s a heady mix of them in Wild Island Gin; you can add coriander, orange and lemon peel, liquorice, angelica and orris root and a few others to the list above.

The taste and serve

To taste, we all found Wild Island to be quite ‘herbaceous’. That was the word we used, even though we think ‘herby’ might be the right one! It has a lovely, soft taste and is very easy to drink. We tried it with three different Fever-Tree tonics other than than their Premium Indian Tonic; Mediterranean, Light and Elderflower. We thought that The Premium Indian Tonic worked the best, with the Light Tonic a close runner-up.

The suggested serve is with lemon and a spring of mint. We wouldn’t argue with that, although we enjoyed it with a simple lime garnish too. We did try the gin neat, but much preferred it with the tonic and plenty ice. Overall, we think our recommended one part gin to two parts tonic is how to serve Wild Island Gin.

Wild Island Gin is a certainly well worth a try if you like a herby, smooth gin.

In the UK, you can buy Wild Island Gin from Master of Malt or Amazon.


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