Which gin goes with ginger ale?

Gin and Ginger ale

If, like us, you’re fans of gin and ginger ale then you’ll want to read whichgin.com’s top gins that pair well with ginger ale. That would make sense.

  1. Jawbox Small Batch Classic Dry Gin
  2. Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin
  3. Tanqueray Dry London Gin

We’re limiting this list to three gins at the moment. Why so? The honest answer is that, firstly, we think ginger ale can be a bit of an acquired taste. Secondly, gin and ginger ale isn’t for everyone. The natural taste of ginger can be guilty of overpowering softer gins, so we think that you need quite confident gin to pair well with ginger ale.

It’s also worth noting that ginger ales can be quite different too. Some of the modern ginger ale mixers can be more powerful in the mouth than the mass-market ginger ales (with lots of extra sugar) of yesteryear.

So, our best gins for ginger ale are as listed above. Jawbox Small Batch Classic Dry Gin is our number one gin match for ginger ale. It’s a gin that feels made for it; there’s a punchy peppery type quality to it that just works. If you like ginger ale, you’ll love Jawbox and ginger ale. We featured Jawbox in an article here.

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin comes in a close second for pairing with ginger ale. Opihr is quite a complex gin and, again, the ginger ale works well with the coriander and pepper notes we found in our review.

In third place, we’d opt for Tanqueray Dry London Gin. This gin feels like it features a lot in our recommendations. That’s because it’s such a versatile all-rounder and can’t be overlooked. It’s a great gin to have in your drinks cabinet.

Buy gins for ginger ale UK

You can get hold of these gins in the UK as follows:

From Amazon: Jawbox Opihr Tanqueray

From Master of Malt

Buy gins for ginger ale US

From Drizly in the US/Canada: Opihr Tanqueray

Jawbox isn’t available on Drizly yet, so please try another gin from Drizly.

Don’t forget your ginger ale too. We recommend Fever Tree Ginger Ale. You can buy it from Amazon in the UK [nb. link is to 24 bottle case], or from Drizly [single bottle link] in the US and Canada.

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