Plymouth Gin

Plymouth gin review

Our Plymouth Gin review finds a great, honest gin that pairs well with tonic and a slice of lemon. We can see why this gin has been around for over two centuries.

A mid-priced gin from Plymouth in the south-west of England. It has an ABV of 41.2%.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; coriander; cardamom

Plymouth Gin review

This gin is older than some countries, having been around since 1793. You couldn’t really get a much more traditional style of bottle if you tried. It works for us. In fact, we love it so much it made our top 10 list of the best gin bottles. You can almost imagine sailors of yore sitting with a bottle in a dark Plymouth pub before boarding their ship for a far off land. Like Wales. The gin itself has protected status, and is made with water from Dartmoor. This is quite a soft water, and we think helps balance the gin.

How to serve Plymouth Gin

In our original A-Z gin list review, we said that this gin feels like it fills your mouth, but in a really unusual way. There are peppery notes and a bit of punch with Plymouth. We didn’t find this overpowering, but we ended up adding a splash more tonic. There’s certainly the juniper here too – unsurprising for a more traditional style of gin. We also got a bit of cardamom. Not too much, which we think is a good thing as we’re not massive fans of cardamom.

If you really want to push the boat out (see where we’re going here), try the Navy Strength version at 57%. Although it tastes quite similar (and is more expensive), it remains remarkably smooth. As with many of the Navy Strength Gins, we obviously limit the intake.

You can read all about the oldest working gin distillery in England on the Plymouth Gin website. We’ve heard (and read) great things about the tours down there, so make sure you pop in.

Buy Plymouth Gin UK

In the UK, you can buy Plymouth from Amazon by clicking here. It’s also available from Master of Malt.

Buy Plymouth Gin US

In the US (and Canada), you can buy Plymouth Gin from Drizly

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