Pickerings gin review

Pickering’s Gin review

Our gin of the month for April 2019 is Pickering’s Small Batch Edinburgh Dry Gin. Read our Pickering’s Gin review.

What prompted us to choose Pickering’s Gin for April? Well, we’re now into springtime here in Edinburgh (where whichgin.com has its HQ). This means that, as usual, all the mild weather of winter has disappeared in time for snow. This is just in time to confuse all the bees and flowers, and to kill off the emerging daffodils. So we thought a bit of balance was needed this month; we needed to choose a gin that is both warming and fresh, and Pickering’s gin fits the bill perfectly. Although I’m afraid we can’t help the bees.

The gin

There’s an interesting backstory to Pickering’s. It’s based on an a secret family recipe from 1947 that’s been fettled to create a smoother taste that’s more suited to us modern types. Having said this, you can get hold of the original, spicier 1947 recipe from Amazon or Master of Malt too.

On tasting the more modern version, we were won over by what we found to be it’s slightly citrusy taste. It’s quite a subtle gin though, so don’t be put off by that if citrus isn’t your thing; this is a really versatile gin. For our Pickering’s gin review, we tried it in a classic gin and tonic with grapefruit. It was so good, we all tried it several times. We found that it also worked well with tonic and lime (like these other gins do too). There’s a bit of warmth in this gin too, perhaps unsurprising with anise and cloves in the mix. This warmth, combined with the smoothness of the gin, meant we also enjoyed it neat over ice. Although we didn’t try it, we thought that Pickering’s would also stand up well to some of the more flavoured tonics too.

The Summerhall distillery in Edinburgh where Pickering’s gin is crafted is located at the fantastically-named Dick Vet (the old Vet School). It was the first new Edinburgh distillery for over a century when it opened. It offers tours too so, whether you’re a local or a visitor, make sure you visit. It’s relatively central too, so there’s no excuse!

Where to buy Pickering’s gin

You can get hold of Pickering’s Gin in the UK from Amazon or from Master of Malt. In the US/Canada you can buy Pickering’s Gin from Drizly.

Even if you don’t get to the distillery, the Pickering’s Gin website is worth a visit too. As indeed is the beautiful city of Edinburgh (not that whichgin.com is biased or parochial being based there or anything, you understand…)