Martin Miller’s Gin

martin millers gin

Our Martin Miller’s gin review – England and Iceland living together in perfect gin harmony.

A standard-priced gin, Martin Miller’s gin is an English gin with more than a little Icelandic influence. It has an ABV of 40%.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; coriander; angelica; lime; cassia bark

We really like Martin Miller’s Gin. And there’s a reason for that. For such a classy product it doesn’t try too hard. It uses traditional botanicals to create a smooth gin, it’s nicely balanced and nothing overpowers anything else. Adding some pure Icelandic water to bring this English gin down to bottling strength clearly works well.

In our original review (part of our A-Z gin reviews), we said that Martin Miller’s Gin felt more premium than its price suggested. To taste, we find it to be a fresh, clean gin with a very pleasing finish. There are definite, but actually quite subtle, citrus notes here. There’s also the dryness that you get from more traditional gins but, as noted, nothing overpowers, and that’s the key.

To serve, we found that Martin Miller’s worked well with a good premium tonic. Furthermore, it also stands up well to flavoured tonics – elderflower tonic worked well when we tried it, for example. Due to its smoothness we also tried Martin Miller’s Gin neat over ice – and that worked too. This is a flexible gin right enough.

The fusion of England and Iceland is what greets you on the bottle (which is a tall, clear bottle and emphasises the purity). Read up on the Cod Wars (not the Cold War) if you want to know why harmony between the UK and Iceland can only be a good thing! Cheers to more of this collaboration.

Martin Miller’s Gin should be a staple in your gin library.

Now try Martin Miller’s Gin

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