Malfy Gin

Photo of Turin

Our Malfy Gin review finds an excellent European gin, and one that we really enjoy. We liked its fresh and clean taste.

We love the nautical bottle and the fact that this gin pays homage to the ancient gins of the Amalfi coast. It has a fresh taste, and we thought that was likely down to the lemon and grapefruit peel botanicals showing through. Malfy Originale has an ABV of 41%.

Where to buy Malfy Gin

You can get hold of this Italian treat in the UK from Amazon, or in the US/Canada you can buy Malfy from Drizly.

The Malfy website is itself is beautiful, and well worth a look. The issue is that you’ll want to immediately book a holiday to Italy.

The featured image of Turin for this post is by Manuel Reinhard on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Malfy Gin”

    1. Thanks Holly! We’re not wrong yet about Brexit…

      If you like the Malfy Originale you should try the Malfy Con Limone or Malfy Con Arancia; which even our (very) rusty Italian knows is with lemon and orange. It’s like tasting the Mediterranean coast. But less salty.

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