Jawbox Gin

Jawbox Gin

This gin is dead on, so it is. If you don’t know what that means, then you need to hasten to Belfast to get some excellent hospitality and Jawbox Gin. Or read our Jawbox Gin review if you can’t.

This gin is actually from just outside Belfast in N.Ireland. It has an ABV of 43%.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; cardamom; lavender; sarsaparilla

What is a Jawbox? Apparently it’s a term for a Belfast sink (which is a wide sink, often at the hub of a household). We love the tagline for Jawbox: “Greatness through graft and craft.” Seems very apt for an excellently crafted gin.

Jawbox Gin review

We found Jawbox to have a light, peppery, almost mild chilli-like taste. That’s perhaps due to some of the other botanicals in there, such as black heather, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel and liquorice. It stands up to tonic very well for a classic gin and tonic, but we think it works best with ginger ale. In fact, you’ll note on their own website below that one of the many serving suggestions is ginger ale and lime. We won’t argue with that. In fact, we think Jawbox and ginger ale is one of the best gin cocktails you can have (and features it in our list of the best gins for ginger ale).

Jawbox have a fantastic website here, and whichgin.com are keen to get their hands on a ceramic mug or two from their shop. We’re less fussed about the tea towel.

Where to buy Jawbox Gin

In the US/Canada, you can’t buy Jawbox from Drizly. This is a crying shame since you’ve just read our Jawbox Gin review, and it really is a great gin! However, do try another gin from Drizly.

In the UK, you can buy Jawbox from Amazon by clicking here

Jawbox gin review at whichgin.com

The image for this post was by us. We’re quite proud of it.

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