Hills & Harbour Gin

Hills & Harbour gin review

Read our Hills & Harbour gin review; a beautifully balanced gin from Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland.

A premium priced gin, Hills & Harbour has an ABV of 40%.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; Noble Fir needles; seaweed

Hills and Harbour gin review

This gin was a bit of a find…and we’re delighted we’ve found it! We can see where the hills and harbour in the names comes from; a really novel set of botanicals that make Hills & Harbour stand out.

To taste, this is one of the smoothest gins we’ve had. We all agreed that there was very little lingering aftertaste on the palate and definitely got what we thought was the pine needles (if you’ve ever walked in a forest in the SW of Scotland you’ll be familiar with the lovely scent). We thought they worked really well in the gin, and gave it a distinctive feel. It’s really pleasing that team and Hills & Harbour make their own base spirit too. This’ll likely be a factor in putting Hills & Harbour gin at a more premium price point, but we think it shows the care and skill that’s gone into making this quality gin.

We served our Hills & Harbour with a simple tonic and a slice of lime. That worked really well. We also think it’s a gin that could be taken neat over ice if you like. In fact, it smooth and distinctive enough to be very versatile. A huge thumbs up from us, and a gin we’ll be returning to. Thoroughly recommended and we’ll be adding this gem to our A-Z gin reviews soon. You can read more about the gin on the Crafty Distillery website.

Where to buy Hills & Harbour Gin

In the US/Canada, we haven’t yet found supplier to link to for Hills & Harbour (sorry!) but why not try another gin from Drizly. Let us know if you find a supplier and we’ll add it.

In the UK, if you’ve read our Hills & Harbour Gin review and like what you see, you can buy Hills & Harbour Gin from Amazon by clicking here

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