Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick's Gin review

Read our Hendrick’s Gin review. Hendrick’s is an unusual and delicate gin from Girvan in Scotland.

A mid-priced gin, Hendrick’s has an ABV of 41.4% in the UK.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; rose; cucumber; orris root; coriander; lemon peel; cubeb; elderflower.

Hendrick’s Gin review

Hendrick’s is made by combining the output of two separate stills, and we can’t believe that it’s taken us so long to try it. This was despite numerous recommendations. It’s also been around since 1999, so we’re well behind the curve with this gin. What a treat it is.

Those two stills we mention impart a unique taste. First up there’s a pot still, in which the botanicals are left for a day before distillation. This produces the main juniper ‘elements’ of Hendrick’s. The lighter floral taste is helped by the use of a second still (in which the botanicals aren’t boiled). The two outputs are carefully combined, with rose and cucumber essences also added.

To taste, it’s a very distinctive gin (their own website calls it ‘unusual’, so we can also add that description without being unkind). In fact, it’s actually a gin unlike anything we’ve tasted before (and we’d be delighted to taste similar if you’d like to comment below with any ideas). It has quite a floral taste, perhaps down to the elderflower. We could taste the rose and cucumber in there too. Ultimately, this is a really smooth gin that’s very easy to drink.

How to serve Hendrick’s Gin

We served our Hendrick’s using their own recommended serving of tonic water and ice with a cucumber garnish. That works really well, and we wouldn’t argue with their recommendation that you add a touch more tonic than we would normally suggest (they suggest treble the tonic to gin, whereas we usually suggest double the tonic to gin as a guide).

We also tried Hendrick’s with elderflower tonic. Views were more mixed on this; overall the preference was certainly for the standard tonic. A cucumber garnish works particularly well, but we thought that the gin was distinctive enough – despite its delicacy – that it could easily stand up to any citrus garnish too.

Try Hendrick’s Gin – you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t leave it as long as we did! You can read more about Hendrick’s Gin on their fulsome website here.

Buy Hendrick’s Gin US and Canada

In the US/Canada, you can buy Hendrick’s Gin from Drizly by clicking here.

Buy Hendrick’s Gin UK

In the UK, you can buy Hendrick’s Gin from Amazon by clicking here or the advert below

You can also buy Hendrick’s Gin in the UK from Master of Malt.

2 thoughts on “Hendrick’s Gin”

  1. i agree here. I bought it because I heard about it and saw it in the store. i said, it’s the holidays, why not. It’s a smooth great taste, and that’s from someone who is not a gin drinker. The other I liked, did you do it? Tito’s. I think I liked Tito better.

    1. Hi Jessica – and thanks again for the comment. Glad you liked Hendrick’s Gin – I’m a big fan personally. I’ve not come across Tito’s before, and could only find a vodka online in the UK – have you got a link to the gin as I’d be keen to check out your recommendation? Many thanks, Andy

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