Gordon’s Gin

Gordons Gin

Our Gordon’s Gin review was inspired by being served a Gordon’s and tonic in a local cinema recently. Have we overlooked this classic gin?

First up, it’s worth saying that the iconic green bottle for Gordon’s Gin is for the UK market. In North America you’ll see it in a clear bottle. Both have the boar trademark/logo on them though, so you’ll know it’s the right gin. We’ve reviewed the UK version here, which comes in at 37.5% ABV. Versions elsewhere are bottled stronger (this one on Drizly is at 40%). Hope that’s clear…

Gordon’s is a standard-priced gin offering great value. You can compare prices from Amazon or from Master of Malt in the UK.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; coriander; angelica; secret stuff

Gordon’s Gin review

Have we become blinded by the variety of gin that’s available now? Have we turned into gin snobs? After tasting Gordon’s again, we’ll admit that the likely answer is “yes”.

You see, Gordon’s was the gin that many of us in the UK first drank. It was the gin in the UK. If you asked for a gin and tonic in a pub, you’d get Gordon’s Gin and Schweppes tonic. The green bottle was in every bar and, it seemed, in every home.

The explosion of gins now available has tempted many of us to stray away from our first love though. But, what we find interesting, is that Gordon’s is growing and thriving as a brand. This interesting article shows how Gordon’s remains top dog for gin the UK. So, after not having tried it for a long time, how does Gordon’s rate?

Well, the first thing that struck us was how smooth it was. It’s a very welcoming gin; not offensive or aggressive in any way. The juniper is forward to the nose (and taste) and there’s almost a hint of sweetness too. This is a gin that’s been around since 1769. It knows how to taste like a gin.

And that’s maybe the point. We’ve known this gin since we were old enough to [legally!] drink it. This is our yardstick gin. Our standard gin. The gin we use to judge others by, whether we realised it or not. And, do you know what, it’s really rather pleasant.

How to serve Gordon’s Gin

No messing about here. A Gordon’s and tonic is how to serve this gin. It’s the best serve, and very simple. You can read how we’d do it here in our gin and tonic guide. Use a lime (or a lemon) as garnish. Nothing complicated, no fuss. We’d don’t like this gin neat, despite its smoothness. It just works better in a classic gin and tonic. Perhaps for many, it’s the classic gin and tonic.

If, like us, you’d not tried it for a while, let us know what you think in the comments below or at [email protected].

Buy Gordon’s Gin

You can buy Gordon’s Gin in the US and Canada and get it within an hour using this direct link to Gordon’s Gin on Drizly. It’ll be in a clear bottle though!

In the UK, you can buy Gordon’s Gin from Amazon or from Master of Malt.

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