Glendalough Gin

Glendalough Gin

Our Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin review. This is a highly-original, fresh-tasting gin from Ireland.

A mid-priced Irish gin, Glendalough has an ABV of 41%.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; mountain flora (nope, you don’t get any more than that by way of description)

The mystery of the Irish botanicals. Photo by RUBEN XOVE on Unsplash

Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin is from Co.Wicklow. There’s a great story to how this gin is made. Basically, the botanicals are mountain flora that are foraged in the nearby hills. We love the fact that they are foraged and then immediately used in the distilling process.

We’ve tried Glendalough Gin before for our A-Z Gin reviews and found it to taste fresh and clean, and we definitely got floral notes on tasting. We’ve tried it again for this review, and stand would stand by that assessment; what a beautifully fresh and original gin this is. Serve Glendalough with either regular or elderflower tonic. Both worked well for us, and we recommend plenty of ice.

As well as this original, there’s a fantastic stable of Glandalough gins that we’re keen to try. They represent each of the seasons, and each has a different taste as a result. We’ll bring you those reviews when we can get our hands on them.

You can read more about Glendalough Gin on their website here. We’re also intrigued by the Poitin – Andy from had a very interesting afternoon after sampling some homemade poitin in a hunting lodge in Ireland a few years back (spoliler alert: poitin and firearms aren’t a particularly good match). We imagine that Glendalough poitin is far better than that version.

Where to buy Glendalough gin

If you’ve read our Glendalough Gin review and like the idea of this Irish stunner, in the US/Canada you can buy Glendalough Gin from Drizly.

In the UK, you can buy Glendalough Gin from Amazon by clicking here or buy from Master of Malt by clicking here

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