Gin baubles

gin baubles

What could be better than decorating your tree this Christmas with gin? Tinsel was always overrated anyway. Gin baubles have been growing in popularity over the last few years and there are quite a few ranges available now. We bring you our definitive list of this year’s best gin baubles.

  • Pickering’s Gin baubles
  • Pickerings’s Festively Flavoured Gin Baubles
  • Lakes Gin Baubles
  • Drinks by the Dram gin baubles
  • Sipsmith Gin tree decorations
  • Fill you own gin baubles

Pickering’s Gin baubles

As big fans of Pickering’s Gin we’re delighted to see the return of Pickering’s baubles this year. You get a pack of six. Each is filled with 50ml of gin and these baubles come in six different colours. They’re bottled (or is that baubled?) at 42%.

Make sure you shop around for the best price at time of purchase, but you can buy Pickering’s baubles from these suppliers (all direct links): Master of Malt, or Amazon.

Pickering’s Flavoured Gin Baubles

Or to give them their full title, Pickerings’s Festively Flavoured Gin Baubles are a pack of six baubles filled with gin bottled at 37.5%. We love the quirky range of Pickering’s Gin flavours in this selection. You get one gin bauble each of:

  • Christmas Clementine Gin
  • Festive Cranberry Gin
  • Spiced Pear and Cinnamon Gin
  • Figgy Pudding Gin
  • Plum and Ginger Gin
  • Brussels Sprout Gin

Ok, so we can’t vouch for the last one, but Pickering’s reckon that the sprouts produce tasty, slightly nutty gin. Given how good Pickering’s gins are, we’d be willing to take a punt that all of the festive gins above are winners…even the sprouts!

You can buy Pickerings’s Flavoured Baubles from Amazon here or below:

Lakes Gin Baubles

This set of baubles has a nice mix of gin and gin liqueurs. There are six gin baubles in total, and each has contains 5cl. There are:

  • 2 x The Lakes Gin (bottled at 43.7%)
  • 2 x The Lakes Damson Gin Liqueur (25%)
  • 2 x The Lakes Sloe Gin Liqueur (25%)

Buy these Cumbrian treats here from Master of Malt.

Drinks by the Dram gin baubles

One of the great things about the Drinks by the Dram baubles is the variety you get. Again, there are six baubles here (6 x 5cl) to attach to your Christmas tree, one each of:

  • Yuletide Gin
  • Bathtub Gin
  • Pinkster Gin
  • Taquin’s Navy Strength Gin (The Seadog)
  • Tanqueray No. 10 Gin
  • Herno Sloe Gin

You can buy Drinks by the Dram gin baubles here from Master of Malt. They also do whisky ones too by the way for those dram lovers in your life.

Sipsmith Gin baubles

Ok, so these are more gin Christmas decorations than baubles per se, but we love Sipsmith Gin so much that we’ll turn a blind eye! What you get here are the 6 x 5cl gin miniatures to hang on your tree.

Fill you own gin baubles

If none of the above ideas have tickled your fancy, why not fill your own gin baubles? These empty baubles at Amazon allow you to fill (and refill!) your own. You could even create a unique gin gift with them. We should stress here that these come empty, but at the price below it could be a great way to use up any gins you have left over to decorate your tree (or someone else’s)?

There you have it, our list of the best gin baubles that you can buy this Christmas. If you’re using gin tree decorations, please do remember to make sure that you keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

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