Drumshanbo Gin

Drumshanbo Irish Gin review

Drumshanbo Gin review

Read our Drumshanbo gin review; a punchy Irish gin in an alluring blue bottle.

A mid-priced gin, Drumshanbo is from Co.Leitrim in Ireland. It has an ABV of 43%.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; cardamom, gunpowder tea; star anise

We love the Drumshanbo gin bottle and think it looks a bit like an upturned art deco lampshade (if you squint a bit and imagine it naked, sans labels). It surely has to be one the most attractive 50cl spirit bottles out there. But what about the contents?

In our original review (part of our A-Z gin reviews), we picked out the star anise as something we found really coming through. Our more recent set of tastings picked up far more of the gunpowder tea. That’s likely because we’ve served it with more tonic this time as recommended (i.e. we’ve listened for a change!) We’ve also found that, if you let the the gin linger in your mouth, there’s a lovely peppery sensation. It’s a robust gin that fills your mouth and really rewards you.

The suggested serve is with ice, tonic and a wedge of grapefruit. The gin:tonic ratio for the signature Drumshanbo gin and tonic serve is 40:140 which, by our reckoning, is a touch over triple the tonic to gin. That’s more tonic that we’d normally use as a rough guide, but we think the suggested serve is spot on (and they’re the experts!) It’s a unique and incredibly moreish gin. That’s a good thing too, because we’re already fighting over who gets to keep the empty bottles from our tastings. The Drumshanbo Gin website is great fun too (although the camera made us jump!), and well worth a visit.

Drumshanbo is a highly recommended gin.

Where to buy Drumshanbo Gin

Read our Drumshanbo Gin review and want a bottle? In the US/Canada, you can buy Drumshanbo from Drizly.

In the UK, you can buy Drumshanbo Gin from Amazon by clicking here

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If you look closely you’ll see that we had to use an open bottle to create our image as we’d opened them all in haste…

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