Death’s Door Gin

Death's Door gin

Read our Death’s Door Gin review below. It’s a simple and robust gin. Short on botanical numbers, but with a full-on flavour.

A premium gin from Wisconsin in the US, we love the simplicity of Death’s Door. It’s a heady 47% ABV. Could be a sore heard tomorrow.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; coriander; fennel. That’s it.

Death’s Door Gin is named after the passage of water between Washington Island and Door County. It’s the bit between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. We’ll be honest here and confess that is not an expert on US geography, and that we may well have just read that off the label on the bottle. It doesn’t mean much to us non-locals, but it’s now on our list of places to visit.

Back to more important business. This is a robust gin. You do get a strong juniper taste with this gin, but we also got both the coriander and fennel too. We aren’t huge fennel fans, but it didn’t overpower at all.

To serve, we tried Death’s Door both both neat and with tonic. Both worked. It’s a good, balanced gin. We wouldn’t hold back on the ice if you try it neat though. Like a good whisky, we think it needs a wee touch of the ice’s watery goodness to really bring it alive.

The website for Death’s Door Gin is, like the gin, short on detail, but that’s no bad thing. We’re also now interested in their vodka, white whisky and fantastically-named Wondermint too.

Where to buy Death’s Door Gin

Now you’ve read our Death’s Door Gin review, in the US/Canada you can buy Death’s Door from Drizly.

In the UK, if you like what you see, you can buy Death’s Door from Amazon by clicking here

The featured image for this post is Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

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