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Cadenheads old raj gin review

Despite being 55% ABV (110 proof), our review of Cadenhead’s Old Raj Gin finds a beautifully subtle, saffron infused gin from Scotland.

A mid-priced gin (compare prices from Amazon and Master of Malt in the UK; or buy from Drizly in the US/Canada), Cadenhead’s is distilled in Great Britain and bottled in Campbeltown in the west of Scotland. There are various gins available, but we’ve reviewed the 55% ABV (110 proof) version here.

Sample botanicals: Juniper; orange peel; angelica root; saffron

Cadenhead’s Old Raj Gin review

Wow. We’re not sure where Cadenhead’s Gin has been all our lives (all of our lives after legal drinking age, of course). This is a navy strength gin with a very light yellow colour that comes from the saffron. The saffron is added post-distillation. As an aside, if you have a thing for yellow gin (we’ll not judge), then Ungava Gin is also the colour of sunshine (see our A-Z gin reviews page).

The thing that strikes you upon tasting this gin is just how subtle the saffron is. It’s definitely there, but it’s balanced very well with the main botanicals. We also got notes of orange, but the overwhelming sensation is of an earthy sweetness.

What’s interesting is the different range of descriptions we had from our tastings. We all agreed on the earthy sweetness point, but we also had spicy notes and a bit of sharpness in the mix. In addition to the juniper, saffron, orange peel and angelica we mention above, there are another six botanicals involved. These are liquorice, orris root, cinnamon, cassia, coriander and nutmeg. So, we’re not quite sure where the spicy notes particularly came from – perhaps the nutmeg.

Irrespective of overall taste, this gin was an absolute hit with us. It’s smooth and delicious.

How to serve Old Raj Dry Gin

Cadenhead’s is a very versatile gin. Put it this way, we’re now going to have to update our best gins to drink neat page. Try it with a load of ice and you won’t be disappointed. We’d recommend that, if you do so, leave it alone other than that. It doesn’t need a garnish to make it work.

If you like a gin and tonic, then you’re also in for a treat. It works well with just a good Indian tonic water (we’d recommend just over double the tonic to gin for Cadenhead’s). Again, like above, we’d recommend leaving off the garnish. It doesn’t need it. A bit of apple or cucumber if really you want something, but this gin is so smooth it just works on its own.

Here ends our Cadenheads Old Raj Gin review (of the full strength variety at least). Make sure you try some of their other gins too. Cadenhead’s also do spiced gins, a classic gin and a 46% (92 proof) version too. They also do a great range of single malt and blended whiskeys too. You can see them on their website, or check out these beauties in the US at Drizly (you’ll need deep pockets) or at Master of Malt in the UK (again, deep pockets required for this one!)

Buy Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Gin

In the US/Canada, see if you can get hold of Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Gin in your area within an hour using this direct link to Cadenhead’s Gin on Drizly.

In the UK, you can buy Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Gin from Amazon or from Master of Malt.

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