Brockmans Gin

Brockmans gin

Our Brockmans Gin review finds a dark, brooding bottle housing a unique gin. What did we make of the strong berry notes in this aromatic English gin?

An English Gin that’s bottled at 40%, the dark bottle used for Brockmans (it’s very dark; there’s no light through it at all!) contains a very different type of gin. You notice that as soon as you open it. There’s a sweet hit of berries that you don’t need to get up close to the bottle to distinguish. We’d tried it before, but what did we make of it this time around?

Brockmans Gin review

We knew that Brockmans was different. It has always rejoiced in its desire to be so, with a stated aim to be “a gin like no other”. It’s at that point of opening the bottle and smelling that fruitiness that you first realise that they’ve pretty much nailed this aim. We’ll have to admit that this is likely the longest time that any of us have inhaled a gin before drinking it. It’s really rather pleasant. But what about the taste?

The first thing you notice with Brockmans is that the juniper is there, but feels quite distant. We were struck by just how hard those berries are working. Alongside the juniper, there are blackberries and blueberries, with a supporting cast of orange, lemon, orris and angelica root, almonds and liquorice. We certainly found the notes of liquorice, as well as the coriander which is also in the mix. The overwhelming taste consensus was actually of blackcurrant and liquorice hard-boiled sweets – the purple and black ones we used to have as kids.

We had heard that there can be a polarised view on Brockmans. It has devoted fans and those who think it’s too fruity. We’ll not sit on any fence either – we really like it. Having said that, it’s a gin that you can have too much of. On the plus side, it’s very easy to drink. On the flip side, that relative sweetness could begin to jar after a few. As we all drink responsibly that shouldn’t be an issue, but we wouldn’t settle down to a full evening with just a bottle of Brockmans. You should enjoy it in moderation as a really refreshing change.

How to serve Brockmans Gin

First up, Brockmans is a gin you can drink neat (and it had already made our top 5 list of gins to drink neat). It’s well balanced and very smooth. The berries make it very drinkable. We enjoyed it neat, and simply over ice. It really is a good sipping gin. In a gin and tonic, we found that it doesn’t need too much tonic. Really a gin:tonic 1:1 ratio worked very well (we normally suggest 1:2 as a guide). We tried it, as suggested by Brockmans, with pink grapefruit peel. We’d really recommend this suggested serving. Often gins can be a touch ambivalent about their garnish (and we’re not garnish snobs), but the acidity of the grapefruit does just temper those lovely berry notes of the Brockmans. As always, use a premium tonic. We found that Fever Tree Naturally Light tonic water worked particularly well.

Buy Brockmans Gin

If you want to see which side of the fence you’re on after reading our Brockmans Gin review, buy it in the UK from Amazon or Master of Malt.

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