About Us

Hello you.

Welcome to whichgin.com. I’m Andy, and I founded this website in late 2018. 

The idea of the website is really simple; to bring you gin reviews to help you decide which gin to try. And to have a bit of fun along the way.

 I’m helped in my gin reviews by a good set of friends who are also fans of the juniper-based drink. These are our honest reviews, and the views are our own. We all have different opinions and tastes, but our policy is that we won’t include a gin on the site if we can’t recommend it. To be blunt, this is usually because none of us have enjoyed it. So we hope that you’ll not find a bad gin here, but we’re also happy to hear your opinions if they differ!

We’re working our way diligently through as many gins as possible so, just because a gin doesn’t feature, doesn’t mean that it’s a bad sign. We just haven’t got round to it yet. We’re always happy to hear your suggestions in the comments or via contact@whichgin.com.

We’re based in Edinburgh in Scotland, but we cover gins from all over the world. Our gin reviews cover gins from over ten different countries already, and we’re adding all the time.

In the interests of full transparency, you’ll note the affiliate disclose at the foot of each webpage. You won’t pay any more as a result of clicking on links on this website. The small commissions help pay for the running for the website though, so thank you for clicking and buying.

We hope you enjoy the website, and thanks for visiting.


Ps. If you want to start somewhere, take a look at our A-Z gin reviews

Diploma in Gin
And my teachers said I’d never amount to anything…

Drink responsibly

Gin is a drink that should be enjoyed responsibly. All alcoholic drinks should be. There can be a fine line between enjoyment and addiction, so please do drink in moderation. Don’t be the idiot at the party. The fool in the bar. The road death statistic. The one who drinks to forget. Know when to stop.

We know this sounds a bit rich coming from a website and blog dedicated to an alcoholic drink, but we mean it. Enjoy drink responsibly. If you think you need help, please seek help. You can start here.