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Welcome to, the home of all things gin. My name is Andy K, and I’m a spirits company owner based in the UK. I started this website in 2018 to share my love of gin and help you choose the right gin for you. Choose from a large number of gin reviews, gin serves and gin gifts below.

Gin reviews

With over 50 gin reviews from more than 10 different gin-distilling countries, you’re sure to find a gin for you. You can read all the gin reviews on the gin blog, or find them on the A-Z gin reviews page. Or why not start with some of the big name gins below.

Bombay Sapphire Gin

The iconic blue bottle and a recipe dating back to 1761. Read the Bombay Sapphire gin review.

Hendricks Gin

A distinctive gin often served with cucumber. Read the Hendricks Gin review.

Roku Gin

A taste of Japan in this delicate gin which features the number six a lot. Read the Roku Gin review.

Edinburgh Gin

A classic and great value gin from the centre of Edinburgh. Read the Edinburgh Gin review.

Gordons Gin

One of the big gins that’s been around since 1769. Read the Gordons Gin review.

Silent Pool Gin

Bursting with more than 20 botanicals, a flavoursome gin in a beautiful bottle. Read the Silent Pool Gin review.

Plymouth Gin

A gin with protected status that’s been around since 1793. Read the Plymouth Gin review.

Gin serves

Want to make the perfect gin and tonic? Read how to serve gin and tonic. Wondering which gin is best paired with which garnish or mixer? Wonder no more. Find out the best gin pairing by choosing your gin garnish or gin mixer below:

Gin and Lemon

Gin and Lime

Gin and Orange

Gin and Grapefruit

Gin and Elderflower tonic

Gin and Ginger ale

Gin gifts

If you’d like to find the perfect gin gift, why not read about the best gin gifts, the best gin advent calendars or best gin baubles.

Gin articles

Some longer reads that you might enjoy on Northern Irish Gin and Isle of Man Gin and some more to bring you inspiration in your choice of gin:

The best cheap gin

The best 5 gins to drink neat

The best 10 gin bottles

The 5 best gins to try

gin library

I hope you enjoy the site, and I always love hearing from fellow gin enthusiasts. Please do leave a comment or contact me at [email protected]

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